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Photography is simply the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. It is done by tracing its development since its earliest occurrence in the language where it is found, by tracing its translation from one language to another, by analyzing its connections in other languages,or by tracing it to an ancestral language.

Different kinds of photography are sports photography, underwater photography, landscape photography, animal photography, aerial photography and portrait photography.
Different processes or ways to utilize photography are Black-and-white, Color, Stereoscopic, Full-spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared and Digital photography.

Photographer, illustrater, animator, photo editor, and graphic designer are some jobs/careers that are related to photography.

Almost all industries or businesses use photography in one way or another. They include newspaper industries, magazines, television, advertisers, police, sports, fashion, and many more. They use photography to advertise, to prove a point, evoke emotion, to show beauty and to help find criminals or missing people.

bear_in_water.jpgThis photo is a very interesting photo of a polar bear under the water. It is a medium shot and it is on the rule of thirds. The polar bears are a vulnerable species and this photo depicts that.
ahahahhahaha.jpg This photo is a far and low shot of a railway route. It is a great shot of human architecture and the beauty of architecture and nature combined. They took the picture in the daytime so there is more light to show the railway, the rocks and the trees.
hahahaha.jpgThis photo is a photo is nature and natural events occurring. It is a long shot and is on the rule of thirds. The sun
ovechkin-stickflex.jpgThis is a photo of one of the elite players of hockey. It is a medium shot and shows the raw strength of hockey players as this shot captures the flexing the stick while taking a shot.

macro_photography_40.jpgThis is a close up shot of an animal that resembles a leaf.
Photography Do's and Don'ts
Do something old in a new way
Do something new in an old way
Do something new in a new way, Whatever works… works
Do it sharp, if you can’t, call it art
Do it in the computer — if it can be done there
Do fifty of them — you will definitely get a show
Do it big, if you cant do it big, do it red
If all else fails turn it upside down, if it looks good it might work
Do Bend your knees
If you don’t know what to do, look up or down — but continue looking
Do celebrities — if you do a lot of them, you’ll get a book
Connect with others — network
Edit it yourself
Design it yourself
Publish it yourself
Edit, When in doubt shoot more
Edit again

Don’t do it about yourself — or your friend — or your family
Don’t dare photograph yourself nude
Don’t look at old family albums
Don’t hand color it
Don’t write on it
Don’t use alternative process — if it ain’t straight do it in the computer
Don’t gild the lily — AKA less is more
Don’t go to video when you don’t know what else to do
Don’t photograph indigent, people, particularly in foreign lands
Don’t whine, just produce

Principles Of Design

Size + Proportion

Shot Length
Extremely Long Shot - for landscape
Long Shot - fits a full person
Medium Shot
Extreme Close-up

Camera Angles
Bird's Eye View
High Angle
Eye Level
Low Angle
ObliqueCanted Angle

Side lighting
Full frontal lighting
Dusk or Dawn/Sunset Sunrises
Reflected Light